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Michael T. Jackson is a native of Gulfport, MS where hard work was the staple of the community. Gulfport is an inland city whose connection to the coast allows it to ship lumber all over the country building homes for countless people. Gulfport is also part of the bible belt which stretches from Texas to North Carolina making the truth of The Gospel accessible to thousands. In the mist of this hard work and truth, Michael T. Jackson found his calling.


He became a pastor and founder of the Christian House Of Prayer located in Jackson, Ms. Just like the roots of his hometown, Gulfport, MS, Michael began his journey of building people and spreading the truth. This journey he embarked on had some pit stops, but if anyone can get the most out of a pit stop it would be Michael T. Jackson.


He stopped over in Cleveland, MS at the Exodus School Of The Bible and got a Bachelor Biblical Studies Degree. He also made a stop in Killeen, Tx where he became a graduate of the Sonship School Of The Firstborn. Not to be exclusive to the southern region, Michael also made a stop in the upper mid-west region of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Theology. One would think that this education would suffice for the type of journey Michael chose to take but he wasn’t done learning.


In order for Michael to become the leader he was born to be, he served in the US Army for 13 years and learned vital lessons that he still uses today as he leads the new generation into the next dimension. He took those essential lessons and enthusiastic spirit and created the book, “Manifesting The Kingdom Within.” Holding on to his calling, Michael will continue to bring foundational truth to all he comes in contact with.

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